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“ I believe that confidence stems from the soul. ”
-Kate Ambers

Kate Ambers is a low-tox hairstylist. Her mission is to cultivate a safe and holistic space for those who crave self-care and rejuvenation. She focuses on providing both high-quality and clean services to our community to help uplift their mind, body, and soul

Committed to clean products and high-quality service. 

Holistic Hairdresser

Kate Ambers

My Mission

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Dedicated to creating a holistic self-care experience while using low-toxin products. Look and feel good from the inside out. 

What I DO

Kate Ambers specializes in lived-in hair color and blonding, customized haircuts that suit each person’s uniqueness, and an organic and holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

make or buy all-organic and natural products. So, I had to reel it in, and find balance within my lifestyle.

I decided to begin with where I spend the most time, the salon. I moved to a low-toxin salon and began using an all organic hair color line. I slowly transitioned to low-toxin styling products for both in the salon and take-home.  

After three years of using organic and low-toxin salon products, I can say that I have noticed a significant improvement in the way that I feel and I will never go back! It has now become a part of my everyday life that I am fully committed to.

After experiencing some alarming allergy symptoms about three years ago, I began my search for the root cause. I quickly fell deep into the rabbit-hole of causes and affects from toxic ingredients in our food, beauty products, and household cleaning items. In a craze, I began throwing out everything toxic in my house and replacing my shelves with organic, all-natural, and low-toxin items. I even began making my own deodorant and toothpaste! I quickly began to realize  it's a lot of work and very expensive to

100% Committed

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The Specifics 

In my chair, my goal, is to help you feel the fullest and brightest expression of yourself, even after you leave.

I am a certified Embeautyment Practitioner™ which means I integrate wellness with beauty through 19 mind, body, and spirit practices that result in health and healing.   I have curated a holistic service menu that offers more than just beauty services. I offers services that will feed your mind, body, and soul. 

What can you let go of? How do you want to feel? How can you show yourself a bit more love?

To be holistic, means to be concerned with the whole or complete system rather than just one analysis, treatment, or dissection of the body. In the salon, I don't only focus on your hair, I widen my lens to the whole person in my chair and the entire experience, start to finish. 

To go to the salon, is to invest in yourself. To pamper yourself. To nurture yourself. What good is a nice haircut if you don't feel comfortable during the service or you didn't feel heard or seen?

More Than Hair


The Shoppe

While passionate in my hair career, I was simultaneously gaining an attraction to the healing arts in my personal life. Through yoga and wellness, I became interested in learning healing modalities that could be incorporated in the salon. I trained in Reiki while in India and meditation here in Sacramento. The string of courses, workshops, retreats, and seminars continued from there. I became an Embeautyment Practitioner™ so that I could bring my two worlds together to create a richer salon experience. 

I will never stop learning! Adam Federico from AJF Salon says "Evolve or Dissolve." And I believe that to be very true in any arena but especially in the hair industry. Education is crucial and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be educated by some very talented humans.

But, out of all the education I have attended, my most inspiring teachers are those closest to me. After three incredible years at Bird and Bull Salon, I have now opened my very own private salon studio in Sacramento where I am constantly inspired by the ones sitting in my chair. You. You always encourage me to see the world from a different perspective and that is what keeps me hairdressing. That is what keeps my passion alive. Thank you for always being my greatest teachers!

It would be years later that I would actually attend cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell. But once there, I'd realized I was home. I had finally found my people and I was obsessed. I came early, I stayed late. I observed and absorbed as much as I could. I graduated as valedictorian, which I didn't even know was a thing in cosmetology school but I took it and ran. Because for the first time in my life, I felt smart. Very smart. I got it. I understood the science and art behind it. And I craved more. I had finally found my passion.

After a few years of assisting at a salon in Land Park, my heart called for bigger and better things which is when I found Deeda. Deeda is where I really dug my heals into my education and cultivated my eye for design. I began studying at all the big-hitter academies. Bumble and Bumble, Vidal Sassoon, and Wella

As the hair industry evolved and education became more independent, I ventured out and away from big brands and towards stylists that aligned more with my brand and principles. Artists like Garrett Markenson from Reverie, Corinna Hernandez with Pony, and Chelsey Pickthorn from Pickthorn Studio. I attended conventions and gatherings like Bayou St. Blonde, Haircamp, and HairLove Retreat

It all started when I was sixteen. I worked as a customer service representative at a little place called Supercuts. It was one of my very first jobs and I was eager to do well and impress. I swept floors, rung out clients, and managed client wait times. All while watching closely and studying the stylist's hands and how they cut hair so smoothly, yet so matter-of-factly. 

I would return home and convince my friends to let me practice on them. Somehow, and I will never know why, they obliged. I quickly learned that I had a lot more to learn!


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Let your self-care ritual be more than just going to the salon. Let it be an energetic experience that feeds your soul.