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YS Park Hair Brushes are known for its unsurpassed quality and outstanding performance. All parts are Made in Japan with advance manufacturing process and high quality checks.

These are by far my favorite brushes. The combination of boar and plastic bristles offers detangling while accomplishing dramatic shine. They may be pricier, but you'll never purchase another brush again!




Quality made


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" This product here has truly changed my business in more ways than I ever expected. It's something you cannot live without!"

some tips //

+ Use with LOVE, always
+ ALWAYS use thermal protection when using hot tools on hair
+ Keep sections size equal or smaller than the width of the brush
+ Let hair cool before shaking out

how to use  //

Section hair with clips. Blow-dry each section while turning the handle of the brush in the direction you with the hair to go in. Let cool and move onto a new section.

Tutorials coming soon!
For custom 1-on-1 styling, schedule your consult today!


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