Title: Going Low-Tox in Your Salon: A Holistic Hairdresser’s Guide to a Healthier, Happier Business



Welcome, fellow hair enthusiasts, to a colorful journey that will transform not just your salon but also your approach to haircare! I’m here to share my personal experience as a holistic hairdresser and explain why and how you too can embark on the low-tox revolution. Brace yourselves for a fun, easy-to-read, and informative ride as we dive into the world of wellness and low-tox haircare.

Chapter 1: The Low-Tox Haircare Revolution

Why Go Low-Tox?

Picture this: Your salon filled with clients basking in the aromatic bliss of natural, clean, chemical-free hair products. Their hair is healthy, vibrant, and exuding an unmistakable glow. This is the low-tox revolution, and it’s not just a trend; it’s a transformative shift in the world of hairdressing.

The Wellness Movement: In today’s wellness-driven world, clients are increasingly seeking healthier, more sustainable alternatives. By going low-tox, you tap into this wellness wave, attracting clients who value holistic practices.

Client Satisfaction: Low-tox haircare promotes healthier hair and a cleaner environment. Happy, satisfied clients are more likely to become loyal patrons, helping your salon thrive.

Self-Love: Being low-tox isn’t just for your client or your profits, it’s about your own healing journey! Choosing to go low-tox as a hairdresser is a profound act of self-love. It reflects a commitment to your well-being, prioritizing your health over convenience or tradition. By selecting products with fewer harmful chemicals, you’re not just ensuring a safer work environment, but also actively protecting your body from potential long-term health risks like respiratory issues, skin irritations, and other serious conditions. This mindful approach extends beyond personal health; it’s an expression of care for your clients and the environment. Embracing a low-tox lifestyle in your profession is a powerful statement of self-respect and responsibility, nurturing your well-being while fostering a healthier world. Who doesn’t want more of that?!

Chapter 2: Your Low-Tox Salon Makeover

The Low-Tox Essentials

Product Swap: Bid farewell to chemical-laden hair products and embrace low-tox alternatives. Look for keywords like “organic,” “sulfate-free,” and “paraben-free” on product labels. Brands like Hairstory and Innersense offer excellent low-tox options.

Switching to organic hair color is a game-changer for both stylists and clients and doesn’t have to be hard! Begin by researching brands that offer certified organic, chemical-free options. Educate yourself and your clients on their benefits and application techniques. Gradually introduce these products into your services, highlighting their health and environmental advantages to encourage client interest and transition. I turn to Holistic Hair Tribe for my low-tox salon hair and skin care brands, including color!

Eco-Friendly Salon: Make your salon an eco-friendly haven. Opt for sustainable practices like energy-efficient lighting, filters for you shampoo sprayer, an air purifier, eco-friendly furniture, and recyclable materials. Check our Green Circle to see how you can become a Certified Sustainable Salon!

Holistic Training: Equip yourself and your team with knowledge about low-tox haircare. Attend workshops, webinars, and courses to stay updated on the latest techniques and products. You can also become an Embeautyment Practitioner by taking a workshop with Nicole Cichocki and learn to include holistic services in your salon menu and increase wellness at work! I also love Ashleah Walker’s Holistic Accelerator program which not only teaches you how to implement holistic services into your salon, but how to profit from them! I’d highly recommend checking out both workshops. The information they share is priceless!

Chapter 3: Low-Tox Haircare Services

A Feast of Services

Offering low-tox hair and skin services opens a lucrative market niche, catering to a growing demographic prioritizing health and sustainability. By specializing in these services, you distinguish your salon as a conscious, health-focused destination, attracting clients willing to invest more for safer, eco-friendly options. Additionally, this approach often leads to higher client retention and loyalty, as customers who experience the benefits of low-tox treatments are likely to return. You can also leverage this unique selling point in marketing, tapping into the wellness industry’s popularity. Ultimately, providing low-tox services not only boosts your revenue but also enhances your brand’s reputation and client satisfaction.

Holistic beauty isn’t just about hair or skin; it’s about nurturing the whole person. It’s like giving your clients a hug for their soul! From head treatments to reiki and crystals, holistic offerings bring cleaner, high-vibe, and authenticity to your salon. These services are about creating a better experience for everyone involved – clients and practitioners alike. Meaning that we run our businesses more transparently and authentically so that everyone leaves feeling good.

Chapter 4: Marketing Your Low-Tox Salon

Spreading the Low-Tox Love

Online Presence: Enhance your website and social media profiles with keywords like “low-tox,” “holistic,” and “natural haircare.” Share success stories and educational content to engage your audience.

Client Testimonials: Encourage clients to leave positive reviews and testimonials that highlight their low-tox experience. Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool.

Collaborations: Partner with local wellness businesses and eco-conscious influencers to expand your reach and share the low-tox message.

Chapter 5: Creating the Low-Tox Experience

The Salon Experience

My absolute favorite topic! I am a total experiencer. Maybe its the millennial in me… but it’s true. I love a good experience and I will pay a premium for them. Which is why I also love creating a beautiful experience and environment for my clients. I believe it’s actually the most important part of my job.

Aromatherapy: Infuse your salon with the soothing scents of essential oils. They not only enhance relaxation but also add to the holistic vibe. I absolutely love playing with different scents in my diffuser to see which ones ignite the most tranquility when clients walk in the door.

Aura Mist: Any aura mist will do! I spray a few sprits of Kate’s Magik Aura Mists at the bowl just before a head massage to allow clients to settle into their relaxing experience (and this also gets them to stop talking and enjoy the moment). A client favorite is the Pure Passion. Which they are always surprised to find out it has patchouli in it because most people dislike its aroma. So, don’t be afraid to try that one! I will also spray some if a client comes in stressed and needs some grounding energy.

Loose Leaf Tea: Tea can be a holistic offering in a low-tox salon, promoting relaxation and well-being. Serving organic herbal teas to clients enhances their experience, aligning with the salon’s commitment to low-tox, eco-conscious practices. It’s a small yet meaningful touch that fosters a tranquil, rejuvenating atmosphere, reinforcing the salon’s holistic approach.

Holistic Consultations: Conduct thorough consultations to understand your clients’ hair and wellness goals. Have fun getting to know your client as a whole, and customizing their experience for their individual needs.

Education: Educate clients about the benefits of low-tox haircare and how it contributes to their overall wellness. Become their low-tox resource! My clients love asking me what low-tox items I use not only in the salon but at home too! And now, they come in sharing new products and resources with me, knowing that I am always looking for new low-tox items to try.

Chapter 6: The Low-Tox Lifestyle

Leading by Example

Holistic Personal Care: Embrace a low-tox lifestyle in your personal life. Your authenticity will resonate with clients and make them more inclined to follow suit.

Sustainability: Implement sustainable practices in your salon, such as recycling and reducing water waste, and avoiding as much waste as possible.

Community Engagement: Get involved in your local wellness and eco-conscious community. This builds trust and solidifies your salon as a wellness hub. Simply Google eco-conscious, eco-friendly, low-tox or holistic business and see what pops up. You might be surprised at how many businesses exist that you may not have known about.


And there you have it, dear hairdressers—your guide to transforming your salon into a thriving, low-tox haven. By incorporating wellness and low-tox keywords throughout your salon’s online presence, you’ll ensure that you attract the right clients who are seeking a holistic haircare experience.

As a holistic hairdresser, you’re not just transforming hair; you’re transforming lives. You’re contributing to a healthier, more sustainable world, one strand at a time. So, embrace the low-tox revolution, infuse your salon with the vibrancy of wellness, and watch your business flourish in harmony with the planet and your clients’ well-being. Cheers to a low-tox journey that’s as colorful as the locks you’ll be transforming!

with love,
Kate Ambers

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